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Self Defense Training

I would like to introduce a new and exciting opportunity to you, Open Eyes Safety Training. I have devoted my life to serving the city of Baton Rouge and Law Enforcement. Prior to my tenure as chief of police, I graduated from the FBI National Academy in 1994 and was the first Louisiana officer to graduate as Class President. I spent many years as an entry team member on the special response team which allowed me the opportunity to train law enforcement officers in the art of self-defense. Additionally, I was the head instructor for the BRPD Police Academy and led self defense courses for women during the height of the search for the serial killer in Baton Rouge in 2002. My unique experience and skill set in self defense training have allowed me to provide individuals with the highest level of personal safety training.

Open Eyes Safety Training provides individuals the ability to recognize and react to situations that threaten their personal safety. Law enforcement does an excellent job of protecting us; However ones safety is a personal choice. Open Eyes will provide an individual with the skills necessary to take immediate action if faced with a dangerous confrontation. Our classes are the best self defense classes in Baton Rouge Louisiana.

We look forward to helping you “see the 10%-ers before they see you.” A scheduler will be in touch with you on Monday to setup your first class.
Thank you,
Jeff LeDuff
Baton Rouge Chief of Police (Retired)

2303 Government St BRLA 70806